Magnificent Grace by Skelton Yawngrave is a story for boys and girls aged 9-12, and is the first of The Witch Grace Brown Adventures. Now available at Amazon as a paperback or on kindle.

Betrayed by her family. Rescued by an enemy. Protected by Skeletons. Grace begins a magical mission to fight the madness on London’s streets.

Have Grace’s parents been brainwashed? Ever since they joined the grey cult they have been angry at the world.   

A scientific eleven-year-old, Grace records her private observations in a turquoise notebook. But when her writing is discovered, Grace’s parents betray her to their leader, the menacing Mrs Bland. 

Taken by force to the sinister Charcoal House, Grace remains defiant. Accused of being a witch, she must escape or be deleted. But can she trust Rick, the cult leader’s tormented son? And will her new friends, the skeleton men, ghouls, and talkative animals of the weird old castle of Yawngrave Tower, possibly hold out against an army of brutal thugs? 

Only when the battle starts does Grace learn the truth about who she can trust. Will Grace break the evil spell enslaving her parents? Can Grace become truly magnificent?