All chapters of Magnificent Grace now on YouTube!

Every chapter of Magnificent Grace is now available on Skelton Yawngrave TV, each exciting episode is read by Peter Kenny.

Once the lockdown is loosened Peter hopes to be able to visit more schools with Skelton’s story Magnificent Grace. If you would like a copy, you can of course buy one here.

A new story, called Invisible Grace is now being written. Grace is going to have more dangerous adventures, and meet several old friends (and a few old enemies) along the way.

It took a long time to write the story. I asked my mother, Margaret Hamlin, who is an excellent painter, to help me visualise some of the characters. Here is her picture of the six-legged entirely Normal feline called Fibula.

Week of World Book Day – Downs Junior School

Downs Junior

Had enormous fun visiting Downs Junior School in Brighton on Tuesday on the week of World book day. I went there with Ms Daniel who worked at Downs until recently. She invited me to Downs school when Magnificent Grace was still in its early drafts. The feedback I got from an earlier set of Downs pupils helped me get the book right.

Peter Kenny read to a big hall full of children, as well as talking about skeletons and unfairness and swimming pools and editing and lots more… in four classes. He also told them why he chose the mysterious pseudonym of Skelton Yawngrave. Lots of children bought copies of Magnificent Grace too. A really exciting day!

Next stop Balcombe on World Book Day itself. Really looking forward to it!