Peter Kenny

Skelton Yawngrave sends his alter ego the writer Peter Kenny to schools. Peter does lively, arm-waving readings from Magnificent Grace to children in upper KS2. He can talk about unfairness and prejudice, and the great importance and joy of editing, and how ideas can flourish from something as simple as a computer talking skeleton avatar, and what it is like to adopt a pen name and become someone completely different.

The week of World Book Day

  • Friday 6th March, Balfour Primary School Brighton.
  • Thursday 5th March, Balcombe C of E Primary School, West Sussex.
  • Tuesday 3rd March, Downs Junior School, Brighton.

Previous visits

  • Friday 28th February, Bolney C of E Primary School, West Sussex.
  • Thursday 30th January, St Marks C of E Primary School, Staplefield, West Sussex

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